UHT took part in 111 startups and set a national record

Dec 10, 2021, at Unit.City, Kyiv, Ukraine was happening biggest in Ukraine pitch day. Meeting had a mixed format, both online and offline, every project had 90 seconds on the stage. The national record was set by about 120 members in incessant pitch. And UHT had written our name to the National Register of Records of Ukraine.

For UHT it was the first time introducing our project to the world. Talked about our ideas, team, and future. Video of the pitch will be posted later.

It was a little bit thrilling, at least for me. I had some experience of presentating, but not in front of 350 people. I’m pretty sure we did well. Anyway, amazing experience.

Also, did a few good contacts for the future projects. Thanks Ukrainian Startup Fund for an amazing event and Happy Birthday USF!

Kostiantyn Ostapenko, CEO UHT, CEO Your Goal Kharkiv

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