UHT will take part in NEAR.HACK
UHT will take part in NEAR.HACK
UHT took part in 111 startups and set a national record
UHT took part in 111 startups and set a national record
Our site has been created!
Our site has been created!
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Our Team


Konstantin Ostapenko

    🏒 16 years of playing ice hockey, experience of playing in the USA
    🏒The best scorer of the Ukrainian roller hockey championship, member of the National team
    🏒Co-founder of Your Goal Kharkiv, the first hockey shooting center with synthetic ice in Ukraine
    🏒 3 years of experience as a personal trainer
    🏒Certified hockey analys
    🏒Passed internship as an SMM-manager at Dynamo Minsk, sports management and marketing courses, business courses
    🏒Project Manager at LQRL
    🏒Bachelor in Management (2024)


Yevhenii Lukatskyi

    🏒Goalie of the Ukrainian National Roller Hockey Team
    🏒Postgraduate student of Telecommunications, Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering, Master of Sports
    🏒 20+ scientific publications (articles, abstracts, reports)
    🏒Winner of all-Ukrainian competitions Aviator, Maritime Affairs, among engineering students, semifinalist of the Future of UAC Aviation competition, Scientific supervisor of prize-winners and winners of youth scientific and technical all-Ukrainian competitions
    🏒General Secretary of the Ukrainian Championships, team manager, coach of Ukrainian national team candidates, coach of Bembi Club (sports rienteering)

Our mission

UHT is working on some major hockey problems: outdated methods, unavailability of equipment, and lack of qualified personnel and system. As the solution for this problem, we see the creation of an application that will analyze hockey player practices with training aids our own making, and through computer vision, give coaching advice. Combining material training aids and a mobile application into a single AR ecosystem.